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  • When Can I Return to Play After an Orthopedic Sports Injury?

    Source: US News

    Recovery is as unique to the individual as is their genetic makeup – it really does depend on a wide variety of factors. However, for many common orthopedic injuries, there's usually a fairly consistent timeline for return to sport or active living.

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  • Expert Pointers for Avoiding Basketball Injuries

    Source: Health Day

    Basketball provides a great full-body workout. But there are steps you should take to reduce your risk of knee, ankle and foot injuries, an orthopedic specialist says.

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  • Improving outcomes for serious knee injuries

    Source: MedicalXpress

    Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are one of the most common knee injuries in the United States, affecting more than a quarter of a million people annually, many of them athletes. Despite reconstructive surgery and months of rehabilitation, many individuals who rupture their ACL never fully regain the strength and flexibility they enjoyed prior to injury.

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  • Are fast-pitch softball pitchers overdoing it?

    Source: Medicine

    Youth baseball leagues often have fairly strict limits on how many innings pitchers can pitch, or how many pitches a player can throw. But for girls playing fast-pitch softball, such guidelines are rare. One reason is that softball pitchers throw underhand, a motion thought to stress the arm less than the overhand throws seen in baseball.

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  • Study shows men and women tear ACL the same way in non-contact injury

    Source: ScienceDaily

    While women are two to four times more likely than men to tear the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in their knee, the cause of this injury is no different between the sexes, according to new research from Duke Health.

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