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Moira M.McCarthy, MD
Hospital for Special Surgery



  • 2011

    McCarthy MM, Maher, SA, Warren RF. The Role of Mechanical Loading on Chondrocyte Integration into a Porous Poly(Vinyl) Alcohol Scaffold Implant. Thomas Wickiewicz, MD Resident Research Grant Award.

Previous work in Dr. Maher’s laboratory has shown that porous PVA implants allow chondrocyte ingrowth into a bovine cartilage explant. This project investigated the impact of mechanical loading on the explant model. The culmination is a manuscript titled, “Mechanical Loading Negatively Impacts Cartilage-Scaffold Integration.”


  • Pediatric ACL Reconstruction Kinematics and Contact Mechanics
  • Contact Mechanics During Gait Following Lateral Meniscectomy and Lateral MAT
  • HSS ACL Registry Demographics

Research Interests

  • ACL
  • Female ACL
  • ACL Prevention and Return to Play
  • Adolescent ACL Reconstruction
  • ACL Registry
  • Biomechanics of ACL/Knee

Rates of Revision ACL Reconstruction and subsequent operations following Primary ACL Reconstruction

Clinical Trials

  • Hospital for Special Surgery ACL Reconstruction Research Registry
  • Hospital for Special Surgery Cartilage Repair Registry
  • Hospital for Special Surgery Shoulder Arthroplasty Registry